A forgetful person must keep a diary

List of my favourite movies

Here’s where I’m keeping stock of the movies I absolutely love, like or would like to see in future.

Absolute top of the tops (in no definite order) 

  1. Babbette’s feast
  2. Eat, drink, man, woman
  3. My neighbour Totoro (All Studio Ghibli animations by Hirao Miyazaki here – Castle in the sky, Kiki’s delivery service, Spirited away etc.)
  4. Bridget Jones’ diary 

The above movies are my ‘comfort movies’. I watch them over and over again, whenever my soul needs some food.

 My favourite documentaries

  1. The private life of Plants (link)
  2. BBC Egypt Series (link)
  3. Space Race (link)
  4. Vanished – the plane that disappeared (link)



Other movies I also like 

For women

  1. Queen
  2. The devil wears Prada
  3. Julie & Julia
  4. Thelma & Louise
  5. One true thing


  1. Mystic river
  2. The Departed (Japanese)
  3. The wedding banquet ( by Ang Lee)
  4. Memories of murder (Korean) 



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